Ski trails in mountains
Løypekøyraren på Gullingen

Hedlebrekk Lighted Ski Area


Hedlebrekk is located along FV634, and the parking area can be found on your right-hand side as you pass up into the mountains after the Mosvatnet Ski Lodge on your way from Gullingen Mountain Lodge/the Sand/Suldalsosen valley. There is also a trail that connects it to the Mostvatnet Ski Area if you want to start from the Mostvatnet Parking Area.


Hedlebrekk offers a lighted ski trail of 2,5 km (category blue) in Fjellbergskardet, which can be made into a longer round tour of 6,5 km (category blue). The more experienced skier can also take a trip to the Vaneheie mountain area for a 16 km trip (category red) or to Nattlandsnuten mountain peak which is 14 km back and fourth (category red).


End the day in the snow with a meal at Gullingen Mountain Lodge or in the Children Snow Play Area.