Picture of Kolbeinstveit
Kolbeinstveit © Ryfylkemuseet Foto: Jarle Lunde
Picture of Kolbeinstveit
Kolbeinstveit © Ryfylkemuseet Foto: Jarle Lunde/ Suldal Foto

Kolbeinstveit, Ryfylke museum

Arts and crafts
Place to eat

The Kolbeinstveit farm complex is one of the most visited facilities operated by the Ryfylke Museum. The large house and the barn were built in the 1850s.


A key attraction at Kolbeinstveit is Guggedalsloftet, the oldest secular wooden building in Rogaland county. The upper part is from the 13th century, while the lower part dates from the 1400s. It was originally part of Guggedal farm in the hamlet Bråtveitsgrenda.


Kolbeinstveit is a farm museum that welcomes visitors to its exhibitions and activities during the summer.


It’s particularly attractive for families with children – here is a collection of old toys, kids can jump in the hay and dress up in old clothes. Most fascinating of all are the many animals on the farm!


There are several exhibitions at Kolbeinstveit. The permanent exhibition “The Farm and Its People” documents how people lived at Kolbeinstveit, and how they made the best use of the resources they had at hand. In addition, every summer there are new exhibitions highlighting specific topics.


The hosts serve traditional local food, such as velvet porridge and Suldal ham. Fresh waffles and coffee are also on the menu.



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