Høsebrua, Sand Foto: Dag Jenssen
Høsebrua, Sand Foto: Dag Jenssen

A walk near Høsebrua bridge, Sand

Hiking Easy


You can experience Suldalslågen river and sparse architecture  if you take a tour of Høsebrua.


Start your walk at Høsebrua bridge, parking by Sandsfossen falls. Follow the forest road along the Suldalslågen river to Gåsavika, and walk past the industrial area, taking your return walk on the Old Post Road.


Høsebrua bridge was designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects. There are information boards along the paths.


Duration: 1 hour

Distance: 5 km

Rating: Easy (green)

Highest point: 50 m

Access: By car to Sand.