Picture of the Hylsfjord
Hylsfjorden © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Jarle Lunde/Suldal Foto

The Hylsfjord, Upper Suldal


The Hylsfjord, a fjord arm of the Sandsfjord, is one of the innermost fjords of the Boknafjord system.

The 19 km long fjord extends eastward to Hylen, the village at the head of the fjord. Across the fjord from Vanvik lies Suldalseidet. The village of Hylen is situated at the mouth of the Hylsåa, a river that flows from Suldalsvatnet lake down the valley of Hylsdalen. The local hydropower plant exploits this natural source of energy.

In the 1800’s, Hylen was a lively trading post and an important hub between western and eastern Norway. You can still see remnants of what was once a far livelier community at the head of the fjord.