Children playing in the snow

The Mosvatnet Lighted Ski Area


The Mostvatnet area in Gullingen haseverything to offer for a day in the snow, with ski trails for every level andexperience. From the ski lodge and parking space along FV632 you will find a prepared ski trail that is lighted up during the season, so you do not have to go home when it is dark! The ski trail is a total of 3,3 km (category blue),with a kid’s ski trail making up a total of 1 km on this trail (category green). For the more experienced skier you can also make it into a longer trip with the 7,5 km trip to Hedlebrekk (category blue), the 8 km trail around the Mostvatnet lake (category blue) or a trip to Vaneheie (category red) or the mountain peak Natlandsnuten(category red). More information about all the hikes can be found on the ski trail map in the links.


End the day in the snow with a meal at Gullingen Mountain Lodge or in the Children Snow Play Area.