Ragnhild Solbakken
On top of a mountain peak
Lise Bjelland
Sand Fjord Village

7 Days in Suldal


Suldal is the perfect place to stay to get access to the rest of Fjord Norway’s amazing opportunities. Here are some of the things you should try to fit in on a one week visit to our region.


Day 1: Chasing views!

The best parts of Suldal is viewed from a high altitude where you get the best views of the beautiful and diverse landscape. Start the day with a relaxing breakfast,and make sure you prepare a good packed lunch for yourself! For Norwegians, sandwiches, fresh coffee, some oranges and Norwegian chocolate are required!

After breakfast, you get to Joagarden kindergarten in Eide, Sand, where your trip will start. Follow the market trail to Hellandssnuten (category red, meaning a challenging hikesuited for those with experience), which will take your about 4-5 hours. On the mountain peak you get a majestic view over the 5 fjords in the area – there is no restaurant in the world that can offer a better view!

After your hike, end the day in the Fjord Village Sand, where you can visit the local shops and get a traditional farm dinner at one of our restaurants. You can also visit our Suldal Cultural Center for exhibitions, cinema and a gallery.

Day 2: Salmo Suldal –small fish with huge impact

It is time to learn more about the mysterious salmon and the life in the river. How can the salmon find back to its birth river after years in the mountain? How was it affected by one of the biggest hydropower developments in Northern Europe? What initiatives have been done to make sure that the salmon is protected? How can you go fishing yourself?

Start the day by a trip to the Salmon Studio in the Fjord Village Sand. Here you get to go into their underwater chamber where you can view into the 5th rung of the fish ladder, watching the fish as they are on their way up steams to spawn. Get a guided tour by the guide to get all the insider information about the life of the Salmo Suldal, which is the species from this river.

After a trip to the studio, we recommend to get more in touch with the river, and the options are many! Book a trip on a salmon safari where you can float down the river in a dry suit, or jump into a boat on the river expedition. A lunch breakon the river bank with pancakes and coffee is included! End the trip with a visit to the tourist farm Mo Laksegard for a traditional meal or a guided tour into their local brewery.

Day 3: Waterpower and nature

Go to the source of the hydropower developments of Suldal: the Gullingen area! This is the perfect starting point for any mountain activities, including fishing, swimming, canoeing, and trekking. In the winters the area is also an Eldorado for skiiers with over 70 km of prepared ski trails.

Start the day by travelling far into the mountains by following the signs to Blåsjø, continuing the road passing the Gullingen Mountain Lodge. When you see the large dam made up of stone structure you know you are almost there! When you get on top of the dam you get an amazing view over the large artificial lake, and the area is great for a hike or cycling. If you want to, you can go along the dam into the ourist Cabin at the end of the road, making it a full day trip. Please note that the road is only open after the snow is gone for the summer.

We recommend setting camp at the Mosvatnet area after the visit to Blåsjø. Here you can choose between a range of hikes suited your experience and wishes. We can recommend Liafjell, Onganuten and Reinsnuten. You can also rent a canoe where you can goon water discovering small private islands where you can camp, or you can go for the easier options settling by the Mosvatnet beach close to the parking area. Enjoy a light snack where those of you brave enough can get into the chilly waters can take a swim.

End the day with dinner at the Gullingen Mountain Lodge.

Day 4: Stranddalshytta Mountain Lodge

Stranddalshytta Mountain Lodge is a hidden gem in the Suldal mountain area. The hike takes about 3 hours and starts from Øvre Moen on the way between Gullingen and Blåsjø. The start of the hike is quite steep before it flattens out as you get close to the cabin.

During the summer months this cabin is staffed and frequently visited by enthusiastic mountain travelers. If you wish, you can pre-book a one-night stay at the cabin, as well as their daily cooked dinners. If you want the extra touch, you can go on a day when they serve the famous dish “Komle” much loved on the Western Coast of Norway.

Day 5: Day trip to Stavanger or Preikestolen

Well back from a few refreshing days in the mountains, it might be time to get up the speed a little. Every morning the express boat goes from Sand Fjord Village into Stavanger, stopping at all the small villages along the fjord. Get on the boat whist watching the locals get on and off to their tasks of the day. The view of the landscape from the fjord is unlike anything else!

Stavanger is one of the biggest cities in this part of Norway, and it is also known asthe “oil capital” of the country. The boat will stop at the pier in the centra lpart of the city, with one a 5-minute walk into the city center. Enjoy the city life by visiting the museums, restaurants and shops in town before you get on the evening express boat back to Suldal.

If city life is not for you, you can also do a day trip to the famous Preikestolen! A must for most tourists in Norway. We do, however, have many similar hikes that off the beaten track, less covered by tourists. Ask the tourist information forsome good insider tips!

Day 6: Day trip to the glaciers  

The glaciers of Norway ensures that you can get the snow experiences throughout the year. Folgefonna Glacier is located only a 2,5-3 hours drive from Suldal, and is perfect for a day trip. Start the day early by driving along the National Tourist Route to Røldal. Here you get to view many waterfalls, architectural gems and the Røldal Stave Church, before you continue up into Hardanger. Pass the glacier to amazing sights before you get to Fonna Glacier Ski Resort. Here you have daily trips on the glacier in the summer season, with each triplasting for about 5-6 hours.


On the way back to Suldal you can use the road via Sauda from Røldal to Suldal. The road is only open in the summer due to snow and is quite narrow, but you get beautiful views along the way and highlights such as Allmannajuvet and Svandalsfossen.

Day 7: Culture and wellness to end off the week

End off the week by some cultural input. Start the day at the Ryfylkemuseet museum at the Fjord Village Sand. Here you can both get information about the history of the area, as well as walking through local author Rasmus Løland’s story “The Polar Bear”, where the children get to meet the Polar Bear himself! The museum has other exhibitions across the region so ask them on the day about what is on at that time. Perhaps the children can help out the summer hosts with the animals at the farm museum Kolbeinstveit, or you can get a guided tour of the hand painted Jelsa Church from the 1600s?

End the day with some wellness after a busy week with a lot of physical activity. Suldal Bad (opening 2019) can offer indoor and outdoor swimming pools with a view over the fjord. At Vikane Hyttetun and Mo Laksegard, you can enjoy an outdoor hottub prepared for you and your family. Share the memories you have made this week in steaming hot water, as the crispy Suldal air closes in on you.