Lise Bjelland
Man with fish
Lise Bjelland

A Fisherman's Life


The Salmon Studio

The Salmon Studio is located where the fjord meets the 22 km long river Suldalslågen in an impressing waterfall. Go down to the under-water chamber and look into the salmon ladder’s 5th rung as Salmo Suldal is about to start the long journey upstream. The perfect place to learn about the life of the salmon and how it has affected the Suldal community for hundreds of years.


Salmon Safari

Jump into the river in wet suits and googles, and enjoy the liberating feeling of floating down the river seeing the scenery passing you on both sides. If you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of the Salmo Suldal!


Fishing in the river

The Suldalslågen River is home to the salmon family Salmo Suldal attracting people from across the country coming to fulfil their dream of catching that big fish. Hålandselva River in Erjord offers fishing opportunities for those who are visiting earlier n the season. To be able to fish in the river, you must pay the annual national fishing license and the 24-hour fishing fee for the specific area you want to fish in. If you are a first-time salmon fisher, we advise you to contact one of the fishing centres that can help you along the way.

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Fishing in water

Suldal has great opportunities forfishing with the Suldalsvatnet water and small lakes in the mountains. You must acquire a fishing card on before getting started.The tourist information can assist you with any information you might need.


Fishing in the fjord

Fishing in the fjord is free for everyone, and is the perfect place to start for those new to the activity. Hydrokaien in Sand and Hylen are great areas to set camp for the day.


The Salmon Mansions

The salmon in Suldal has been the cause for many conflicts and tensions, as well as opportunities. The Brits found Suldal in late 1800s due to the rich river, and our Salmon Mansions such as Lakseslottet Lindum still stands as reminders of the importance of this time.


Salmon on the menu

Visit our many local cafes and restaurants to get a taste of the Norwegian salmon. Most of the restaurants have rotating menus so ask them what is the special of the day. You can also get the award-winning gravlax and smoked salmon from Hjelmeland, King Mikal Salmon, in most supermarkets.