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Suldal is rich on tradition and culture,and this has also been reflected into the kitchen. The people from Suldal appreciatefood that is locally sourced and is built on traditional techniques – although we of course do not mind to mix it up with some international food in-between! Here is a selection of culinary experiences you should try whilst in the area.


Traditional farm food at Fargeriet or Kulp

Thursdays are a special day on the West Coast of Norway and are known by the name “Komletorsdag”. This is one of the busiest days at the local restaurants in the village as it is the day the local restaurants serve the historical dish “Komle”. The dish is made by shredded potato balls cooked in broth, served with salty meat, vegetables and bacon. Amust-try for anyone visiting the area!


In the summer season you can also get thedish served at the mountain lodge Stranddalshytta. Nothing is better than a traditional warm meal in friendly company after a long hike!


A cultural lunch

Brunsj is a newly established café in the town center Sand. The café is set in the lobby of our culture center, and offers the perfect mix of a light snack and a visit to their library or exhibition.


Guided tour to the Suldal ham loft

The Suldal ham is known across the country for being fresh and perfectly salted. The ham gets is unique taste by being put to dry on a loft between the high mountains and the fjord. Guided tours to the loft are offered from Energihotellet. You can also buy the ham at most grocery stores in the village.


Salmon dinner by the fjord at Ryfylke Fjordhotell

Ryfylke Fjordhotell is located perfectly by the river mouth, where the Suldalslågen River meets the fjord. To a beautiful view you can enjoy daily freshly cooked traditional dinners. Maybe salmon from the river is on the menu today?


In contact with our local resources at Energihotellet

Energihotellet is based in Nesflaten, and has a unqiue functionalistic design. Their restaurant has a magnificent view to the Suldalvatnet Lake. Their kitchen focuses on using locally sourced foods and preparing them with a modern twist.


Butter porridge in historical rooms at Kolbeinstveit (summer)

Suldal is known for its butter porridge, which was known as a dish for special occasions at the farms back in the days. The butter porridge recipes have been handed down for generations, and is often paired with salty on the side to get the perfect mix of sweet and salty. At the historical farm Kolbeinstveit you can throughout the summer season have this unique meal prepared for you in one of their historical rooms after having aguided tour of the farm where you get an insight into how life was here back inthe 1800s.


Strawberries from Jelsa

Across the region you will find signs with“Jelsajordbær” wherever you go in the region. These strawberries are from a strawberry farm in Jelsa, Suldal, and is known for its sweet taste.


Strawberry booths are set up during the season.


Dinner in the mountains

The best dinners are those you have with family and friends after a good hike in fresh air! The Gullingen Mountain Lodge is placed at the heart of our best trips in the Suldal mountains, and serves as the perfect stop for a freshly cooked dinner and other lighter dishes.


Local Farm Brewery at Mo Laksegard

Mo Laksegard has a long tradition for brewing its own drinks, and has the license to produce its own beer and wine. They offer guided tours to their brewery where they tell stories from both historical and modern times. They also offer samples during the tour.


The tour has to be pre-booked.


Pancakes by the Salmon river

Mo Laksegard has its own camp by the Suldalslågen river, where you are so close to the river and the salmon that you can almost smell it. Here they offer to cook pancakes on the fire, served together with fresh coffee and tea.


The expierence has to be pre-booked and isperfect to mix with their river expidition.