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Mountain Bliss


A visit to majestic Preikestolen andTrolltunga is a must for many visitors in Norway, but one of the best kept secrets of Fjord Norway is the many beautiful mountain hikes off the beaten track. This is where the locals themselves prefer to hike to enjoy nature inquiet, only disturbed by a bird flying by or a chat when taking a well-deserved rest at a viewpoint. In Norway, the nature is free for everyone to use as long as you make sure you leave nothing but footprints. The hiking experiences are too many to mention here, but you can visit the tourist office or for maps and more information.


Høsebru Round Trip - a relaxing walk close to water and salmon

Category: Green (easy)

A beautifulhike along the Suldalslågen River in flat terrain. The trip starts at theSalmon Studio and takes you through the award-winning bridge Høsebru. Along theway you there are maps explaining different aspects of the life by the river.The trip takes about 0,5 hours.


Standdalen Mountain Lodge - mountain scenery and traditional farm food

Category: Blue (intermediate)

Stranddalenis truly a gem of the Ryfylke mountain area. Located in 1000 meters above sealevel between waters, rich flora and beautiful alpine terrain is the Standdalen Tourist Lodge. The lodge is staffed during the summer season offering traditional dinners and accommodation opportunities. The hike takes 2-3 hoursand starts from Øvre Moen or Saurdal.

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Stegåsen Hiking Area - a wide range of options

Category: From green to black (easy to expert)

Stegåsen is the hiking Eldorado for those living in the fjord village Sand. Starting from Joagarden in Eide you can find a network of hiking trails suited all levels of hiking experience. Watch out for the hiking categories on the map by theentrance to find the hike suited your expectations.


Ritlandsvatnet Trail - a relaxing walk with a view

Category: Green (easy)

Get close to the water on this relaxing hike along the Ritlandsvatnet Lake. The trail is broad and well suited for beginners that still want to feel in touch withnature. The trail starts at Ritland on the road between Sand and Suldalsosen.


Hellandsnuten - five fjords in one

Category: Red (challanging)

Hike to the highest mountain top of the Sand fjord village area. The trail is challanging with several parts requiering you to almost climb up the rocks, but the view when you get to the top is the reward. From the Hellandsnuten peak you get a view of the five fjords in the area at once. Sit down, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the best view there is to find.

Mountain Peaks - eyes for the peaks

The best views are always from the mountain tops, and in Suldal we have a lot of them! Whether you choose to go to Hellandsnuten, Napen, Grytenuten, Stråpanuten, Liafjell, Onganuten or a completely different peak, we can promise you Instagram worthy memories. The tourist information and have maps and more information.


In white landscape

The lush Suldal mountains get transformed to a winter wonder land during the cold seasons. Enjoy a total of 70 kilometres of prepared ski tails over various distances; you can find atrail that is suitable for every skill and exercise level. Gullingen Mountain Lodge offers ski rentals, winter camping and a warm place to rest.