Sand © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Lise Bjelland
Sand småbåthamn
Stranddalen Foto: Kjell Helle- Olsen


In summer we have many active and exotic treasures!


At the Salmon Studio at Sandsfossen falls, visitors may peer through two large windows into the river itself as the powerful salmon make their way upstream to spawn.


Suldal is a paradise for eager hikers. During the summer, the extensive trail network makes it easy to find a hike that fits your age, condition and preferences.


Kolbeinstveit is a farm museum that welcomes visitors to its exhibitions and activities during the summer. It’s particularly attractive for families with children – here is a collection of old toys, kids can jump in the hay and dress up in old clothes. Most fascinating of all are the many animals on the farm!

The Kolbeinstveit farm complex is one of the most visited facilities operated by the Ryfylke Museum.


There is lots of varied activity at the Suldal Cultural Centre. In addition to a stage, there is a cinema, library, café and even a bowling alley. Visitors are welcome to use the free Wi-Fi.

Suldal’s many rivers and lakes, and of course the fjords offer many opportunities for boating and canoing adventures. Experience the scenery and elements up close!  Try a river expedition, Salmon safari or if the water is warm enough for your big toe, you can find many great swimming places in Suldal.


Suldal’s many rivers and lakes, and the fjords also offers god opportunities for fishing


Contact Suldal Tourist Office for planning your holiday!  

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