Gullingen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Jarle Lunde
Gullingen in wintertime
© Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Jarle Lunde/ Suldal Foto
Gullingen in wintertime


Enjoy a total of 40 kilometres of prepared ski trails over various distances; you can find a trail that is suitable for every skill and exercise level. Around Mosvatnet and Gullingen you can enjoy downhill, telemark, or cross-country skiing. Outdoor activity is also possible during winter evenings as the tracks for downhill and cross-country skiing are floodlit. 

Gullingen Turistsenter is a family-friendly ski resort that offers ski rentals, winter camping, and a warm place to rest. The lifts at the ski resort open as soon as there is snow cover and are open as long as conditions allow. There are different kinds of lifts, and three downhill tracks where the difference in altitude reaches 175 metres. Check the ski resort’s website,, for more information about opening hours and daily snow conditions.


The terrain around Gullingen is between 500 and 1300 metres above sea level; it has a long winter season and stable snow conditions. 

For updated info on the cross-country trails, check out “Løypekjøraren på Gullingen” on Facebook. 

Prepared cross-country skiing trails (prepared with snow machines)

(See map.)

1. Lit track near Gullingenhuset, 3.3 km

2. Children’s trail at Gullingen Turistsenter, 1 km

3. Åsløypa, connects the ski centre and the resort below the road, 1 km

4. Breiastøldalen down to Sandsaosen, 10 km round trip

5. Langeli from Breiastøldalen, 9 km round trip

6. Hedlebrekk from Gullingenhuset, 7.5 km

7. Fjellbergskardet loop, from Hedlebrekk, 6.5 km

7-a Lit track at Fjellbergskardet pass, 2.5 km


Marked trails (prepared with snowmobiles, if time allows)

8. Reinsheia from Breiastøldalen, 13 km round trip

9. Skuteheia from the parking lot by the ski lift, 8 km round trip

10. Rota from Gullingenhuset, 5 km round trip

11. Veneheia (west of Mosvatnet lake) from Gullinghuset, 16 km round trip

12. Natlandsnuten (965 m) from the Hedlebrekk parking lot, 12 km round trip



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