Gullingen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Jarle Lunde
Gullingen in wintertime
© Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Jarle Lunde/ Suldal Foto
Gullingen in wintertime

Winter Holiday


A completely new side of Suldal and its lush mountains comes out during the winter season, with a lot of activities available for the whole family. A total of 70 km of ski trails are prepared in the mountains, the restaurants serve traditional warm dishes and our fjord village Sand gets busy with a lot of activities where you can secure local food and products. Here is a small selection of our recommendations for a winter visit.

Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and telemark

The Gullingen area is an Eldorado for the winter enthusiast, with Gulling Mountain Lodge as the national meeting point hat offers ski rentals, winter camping, and a warm place to rest. Within a short drive you can find a wide range of trails suited all levels of experience. You also have a downhill area, and the lifts at the
ski resort are open as soon as there is snow cover and are open as long as conditions allow.

The locals' facination for mountain peaks do not stop during the winter, and many take their skis up to peaks such as Natlandsnuten and Snønuten.

All the trails and maps can be found on Gullingen's website here.

Cultural visits

The Ryfylkemuseet Museum in the fjord village Sand is open all year round and offers two exhibtions: one on the life in Suldal from histoical to modern times, and the other one allowing you to enter into the "Polar Bear" story from the local author Rasmus Løland. They also have a small shop of local products and books, as well as opportunities for coffee and a waffle with the fjord almost touching your feet.

If you still want to get more cultural input, a visit to Suldal Culture Center only a short walk away can be a good choice. Here they have bowling, a restaurant, different exhibitions, cinema and a library.

Hottubs and bath

Mo Laksegard and Vikane Hyttetun offers warm huttubs prepared outside in the fresh Suldal air. Dip into the hot water together with family and friends after a long day out in the snow, and share memories and stories together as the dark sets around you.

Village life

During Christmas, the Fjord Village of Sand gets decorated for the festive season with Christmas tree and lights in the streets. There are also a lot of activities and happenings in the town center, from local markets where local companies sell their products, to events where even Santa Claus sometimes makes a visit! The cafes and shops are also in the Christmas spirit and welcome you to make a visit. Follow the Facebook page "Sand i Suldal" for the most recent updates.

Swim down the river

Salmon safari is amazing choice during the salmon season in the summer/early spring, but it might be an even better experience during winter! At this time, the water in the river is often warmer than the air, and you can dip into the water and float down through white vegetatin.

River safaris must be prebooked at Mo Laksegard, and is available for groups larger than 6 people only.