The Salmon Studio

Salmon Studio
See the salmon close up
©Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto

Norway’s first Salmon Studio, showcasing a salmon ladder, was completed in 1988 and is located at Sandsfossen, at the estuary of Suldalslågen.

The river is 22-kilometres long, and flows through the valley from Suldalsosen to Sand and into Sandsfjorden. Through the windows in the studio you can see the salmon ladder’s fifth rung, where the salmon and trout make their way up the river to spawn. The top of the fifth rung is closed, preventing sick and farmed fish from continuing further up the river.

The best time to observe salmon and trout in the studio is at the end of July when the number of fish is at its peak.

event Starts:

June 15, 2018

event Ends:

September 29, 2018

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