“The Polar Bear” – A fairytale exhibition

At the Kvitebjørn Exhibition at the Ryfylke Museum
Dress up and explore your favourite role.
©Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Jarle Lunde/ Suldal Foto

This is an exhibition for children, built on a story by the local author Rasmus Løland. We invite our young audience where they can look and listen, and even dress up and explore their favourite role.

Ryfylke Museum, Nesasjøhuset


“The Polar Bear”

This fairytale follows four boys – Pål, Gunnar, Kolbjørn and Andres – aged nine through 12, who live in a village in Ryfylke, just like the author. Through their playful imagination the young boys develop the tools they need for their journey through life.


The four boys build a snow-bear, hollow it out and climb inside. Then they imagine that the bear is moving! Thus they join the bear on its long walk towards the North Pole, and then southward to the Royal Palace. On the way they pass castles – one built in bronze, another made of silver, and finally one that gleams of gold.


In each castle dwells a troll that has captured one of the king’s daughters, but the White Bear saves them all. When he finally arrives at the Royal Palace, the king praises him for saving his daughters.


In the exhibition, you can listen to the fairytale, or read for yourself The Polar Bear or one of the other children’s books that have been chosen for the exhibition.


Children nok 30

Families nok 150

Adults nok 30


Free admission for Friends of the Ryfylke Museum.



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